The Shakespeare Insults Coloring Book

The Shakespeare Insults Coloring Book

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You'll be saying "oh, snap!" Shakespeare-style as you color 30 of the wittiest and most vivid insults ever uttered in this collection of invectives drawn from the bard's plays. Will's insults are illustrated by an eclectic array of designs, many modeled on early British book illustrations and works of art. Take guilty pleasure as you color in Shakespearean short jokes ("out, you three-inch fool!"), fat jokes ("she is spherical, like a globe"), carpe-diem sex slurs ("your virginity breeds mites, much like cheese"), slut slandering ("my wife is a hobby-horse"), zombie curses ("out, you green-sickness carrion!"), catch-all insults ("thou art a flesh-monger, a fool, and a coward") and much more!

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