Popular Donald Trump coloring book now available in Spanish-language edition


SILVER SPRING, Md. - Nov. 5, 2015 - On the heels of CNBC news anchor John Harwood’s question to Donald Trump about whether he was waging a “comic-book version of a presidential campaign,” artist Tom F. O’Leary’s popular Trump 2016: Off-Color Coloring Book has been newly published in a Spanish-language edition. Translated by Mike Garay, Trump 2016: Un Libro Picante Para Colorear brings to life some of the magnate’s most controversial statements, including one in which he identifies himself as the legendary superhero Batman. The book’s illustrations depict Trump in a variety of fanciful situations alongside faithful translations of the direct quotations from Trump that inspired them.


The popularity of the English-language edition of Trump 2016: Off-Color Coloring Book led Gumdrop Press to commission a Spanish translation in order to further widen its accessibility to those Americans who are following Trump’s presidential campaign.


Both versions of the book, the illustrator says, are designed to provoke conversation. “Harwood took a lot of flack for suggesting that Trump has morphed into a character from a comic book,” O’Leary says, “but I would argue that Trump himself has encouraged that representation in some ways, not only by having such a larger-than-life personality and using such anti-establishment and politically incorrect language, but through his explicit references to himself as a superhero.”


For many Americans, O’Leary says, the question is not whether or not Trump is running a comic-book campaign but whether he features in it as hero or villain. Accordingly, the artist decided that both the English- and Spanish-language versions of Trump 2016: Off-Color Coloring Book should be faithful to Trump’s own voice, allowing colorists to decide for themselves whether The Donald who appears in their pages is America’s champion or antihero in the political narrative that the Republican presidential candidate is telling.


To buy or find out more about O’Leary’s Trump 2016: Off-Color Coloring Book and Trump 2016: Un Libro Picante Para Colorear, visit the Gumdrop Press website or O’Leary’s Amazon author page.



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