Move Over, Ted Cruz - Donald Trump Has His Own Coloring Book!


Silver Spring, Md.- August 3, 2015 - No one following Donald Trump’s bid for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination can deny the man is a colorful character. Thanks to a new book out from Gumdrop Press, fans and haters alike can use their crayons and markers to express what they see as Trump’s true colors.


Trump 2016: Off-Color Coloring Book presents twenty of the magnate’s most well-known quotes illustrated by cartoons that place him in a variety of fantastic settings. The cover image, for example, shows Trump seated in his iconic Apprentice chair, Uncle Sam hat atop his head, as it offers this quotation: “Why is Obama playing basketball today? That is why our country is in trouble.” Standing behind the chair is the smiling image of the President himself, punching a basketball while his Converse sneakers splay wildly in the air.


Although Obama, Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton have also appeared in coloring books in recent years, those have been primarily directed toward children. Trump’s entrance into the genre marks a unique addition to the growing catalog of coloring books for adults.


Perhaps the most provocative page illustrates Trump’s recent declaration that Mexico is “sending” drug smugglers and rapists to the US. This was the first in a series of remarks that led networks Univision and NBC to break ties with Trump.


Author Tom F. O’Leary defends the book as nonpartisan but admits that some undoubtedly will see it as a satire of the billionaire. “One of the most amazing things about Trump is his ability to draw completely polarized responses to what he says. What one person sees as offensive in its political incorrectness, another sees as refreshingly honest.”


Trump 2016: Off-Color Coloring Book can be previewed on the publisher’s website at and purchased on



Melanie Lewis

Gumdrop Press


Trump 2016 Off-Color Coloring Book Cover