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Welcome to the Community!

This could be the start of something big. My name is Anna Winky, and I'm the artist behind the Colorful Coloring Books series just published by Gumdrop Press. This place belongs to us. I want this to be a place of community, where we can share photos of our art and the emotions they capture in color. A place where we can tell our stories, talk to one another, be inspired by—and inspire—each other. I need your help to get things started, though. The Colorful Coloring Book series is brand new, so I'm reaching out to you to email me your ideas, your photos, your questions, your suggestions, your stories. Anything goes! You can also sign up for my newsletter in the space at the left (or email me directly to ask), and I'll send you free coloring book pages that you can print and articles I've written about using coloring for art therapy. With your permission, I'd also like to feature your art and your story, too, but only if you're comfortable with that. All my best, Anna Winky (you can call me Anna!)